COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Last Updated: November 2023

Our attendees’ health and safety is our #1 priority. We are especially aware of the risks that those who are immunocompromised or otherwise vulnerable to infection are taking to attend an in-person event.

With that in mind, we have developed the following safety protocols for the conference. These measures are intended to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and are based upon guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and public health authorities.

All participants are required to stay at home if they test positive for COVID-19, have COVID-like symptoms, or have recently been exposed.

Additionally, we require attendees to:

  1. Take an at-home Covid test 24 hours before attending the conference.
  2. Wear a KN95, or N95 mask while not actively eating, drinking, or presenting.
Housing California will continue to closely monitor all guidelines and regulations and reserves the right to change, suspend, or revoke all or parts of these safety protocols and measures as appropriate.

More detailed information on the Covid-19 conference protocols listed below. Updated as of November 7, 2023.

  • Attendees are not required to show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 during the check in process. However, we encourage all attendees to take advantage of all COVID-19 and Flu vaccines that are available to them.
  • Attendees should stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19 (we request that attendees test 24 hours or less prior to arrival), have COVID-19 symptoms (or Flu symptoms), or have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for or who has symptoms of COVID-19. If one of the previous scenarios is the case and you are not able to attend the conference, you may be eligible for a full refund. Please send an email to
  • We request that masks covering both your face and mouth be worn at all times when attendees are indoors except while actively eating, drinking, or presenting. Attendees are expected to bring their own masks. You are strongly encouraged to “upgrade your mask” by wearing a N95, KF94, KN95, double mask, or fitted surgical mask. A limited number of masks will be available on-site.
  • During conference-provided meals, Housing California will provide the option of outdoor eating spaces whenever possible.
  • The Long Beach Convention Center will provide hand sanitizing stations and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures.