2024 Conference Highlights

Check out the video, photos, and quotes below that capture the excitement and spirit of the 2024 Housing California Conference, held in Long Beach, California March 6-8.

“This conference is the best opportunity for those who care about housing justice across California to celebrate the hard-fought wins, rediscover what really is possible and craft innovative strategies to get more families into safe, stable, and affordable homes.”

Chione Flegal | Housing California Executive Director

“When I got home, I was exhausted, in the best way possible. Full of knowledge, fun, camaraderie….Who could ask for a better conference? I also want to give a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Housing California for lifting and centering the voices of people with lived experience.”

2024 Conference Attendee

Photo Gallery

Photos by Alex Matthews

Wide shot of the side profile of a man dressed in a suit standing at a podium microphone talking to a large crowd of people sitting at tables as the color blue is projected throughout the conference room.
An african-american woman wearing jewelry and wearing professional attire, sitting in a chair on a stage looking to her left and talking while gesturing with her hands.
A panel of four different adults of different races dressed in professional attire, sitting in chairs on a stage, with the woman on the far left talking and the others looking and listening to her.
Large groups of adults gathered outside a building with large windows talking, socializing, and drinking beverages as the sunset light shines on their faces.
Four adults, one man and three women dressed professionally, stand next to each other and smile at the camera with hotel buildings and palm trees in the background.
A man smiles and stands behind a table surrounded by images of buildings and housing units while another man wearing glasses on the other side of the table talks to him while gesturing with his hands.
An african-american woman wearing a black blouse and thick black-rimmed glasses sits at a vendor table and smiles at a woman standing at the table talking to her.
Close shot of various speakers on a panel sitting at a long table next to each other with microphones in front of them.

There are more images in our Google Photos. Please feel free to download these images. If you repost anything please credit the photographer, Alex Matthews.