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Patricia Mendoza

Patricia Mendoza, Tenant Leader, ACCE San Diego

Patricia Mendoza

Patricia Mendoza is a single mother of 2 who worked as a medical transport worker before the pandemic. Even then, her rent was 75% of her income. After she lost her job, she was unable to pay for her housing in full and has had to deal with a succession of eviction notices from 3 landlords. The latest one is using renovation as a way to evict her.

As she fought being homeless, she started to help others through her work with ACCE Action. The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action is a grassroots, member-led, statewide community organization working with more than 15,000 members across California.

Ms. Mendoza is a Tenant Leader for ACCE- San Diego and fights to ensure that her plight is not another’s financial gold mine.