2020 Session Recordings


Using the Race Class Narrative to Mobilize Our Base, Persuade the Middle and Promote Homes for All (recording not available)

No matter where we live, what we look like, or what’s in our wallets—now more than ever—we know just how critical it is to have a safe, stable place to call home. And yet, a powerful few have erected color-coded barriers to this basic essential need while engendering divisions rooted in an “you’re on your own” ethos to extract record wealth and keep us from joining together to win proven solutions. In this session, Anat Shenker-Osorio, renowned communications expert and lead researcher of the Race Class Narrative project, discusses how to build an effective counter-narrative, using empirically-backed insights on perception, persuasion and mobilization as its foundation, so that our demands and solutions can break through and take hold.

  • Title Sponsor: Cécile Chalifour, West Division Manager, Community Development Banking, Chase
  • Welcome, Introduction & Curator: Iris Murillo, Communications Manager, Housing California
  • Keynote Speaker: Anat Shenker-Osorio – Principal, ASO Communications

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Coffee and Keynotes with Congresswoman Maxine Waters and California Secretary Lourdes Castro Ramírez

Join this powerful session to hear from two leading public servants and stand-out voices for affordable housing and homelessness policies and investments. During two separate keynote addresses, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and California’s Secretary of Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency Lourdes Castro Ramírez will address what’s new and what’s next at the state and federal level and how to create more people-centered, race forward equitable policy outcomes for tomorrow.

The first keynote address will feature Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who is considered by many to be one of the most powerful women in American politics today. As a fearless and outspoken advocate for women, children, people of color, and the poor, Congresswoman Waters will share her wisdom and bold leadership on the role the federal government can play in tackling the scale of the nationwide housing crisis -including ending homelessness, keeping people housed, and creating affordable homes for all – especially in light of the impacts of COVID-19 and the fresh re-examination of racial injustice that plagues our country.

The second keynote address and conversation will feature California’s Secretary of Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency Lourdes Castro Ramírez. As one of the state’s leading housing advocates responsible for expanding affordable housing and ending homelessness, she will share her insights on how the State of California is coming together around a bold people-driven vision and approach to support Californians through and beyond the pandemic and move individuals from homelessness to homeownership throughout the state.

Keynote 1

  • Title Sponsor & Introduction: Perica Bell, Managing Director, Southern California Market Manager Community Development Finance, Union Bank
  • Keynote Speaker: Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Keynote 2

  • Introduction & Curator: Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director, LISC Los Angeles & Housing CA Board of Directors
  • Keynote Speaker: Secretary Lourdes M. Castro Ramírez, CA Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency

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Closing Keynote Address with Glenn Harris – President of Race Forward

  • Welcome & Introduction: Lisa Hershey, Executive Director, Housing California
  • Keynote Speaker: Glenn Harris, President, Race Forward
  • Closing Ceremony: Elizabeth Elliott, Executive Director, Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority

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Racial Reconciliation, Healing and Transformation

We will take a short journey together to acknowledge our history of stolen people and stolen lands, the associated pain, and the resulting structural racism that still impacts us today and lean into healing. Then, we explore what it will take to transform our future and win housing justice, end homelessness, and rebuild together to achieve a more just tomorrow.

  • Guide: Chione Lucina Muñoz Flegal, Managing Director, PolicyLink; President, Housing CA Board of Directors
  • Leaders: Amanda Andere, Chief Executive Officer, Funders Together to End Homelessness; Elizabeth Elliott, Executive Director, Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority; john a. powell, Professor and Director of the Othering & Belonging Institute, U.C. Berkeley

A National Partnership for Real Change: Strategically Centering Racial Equity in Housing and Homelessness Now and for the Long Haul!

How do we leverage this moment of national attention on housing and homelessness for immediate, medium, and long-term success while also advancing racial justice and equity? Key national leaders will share their innovative partnership, policy, and program recommendations. Join this plenary to learn about the new Framework for an Equitable COVID-19 Homelessness Response, designed to help our communities advance a racially just and equitable response to, and recovery from, COVID-19 on the ground and the Opportunity Starts at Home initiative, an evolving example of how this national, multi-sector effort is centering racial justice and effectively engaging diverse national, state and local partners to collectively inform and successfully advancing federal policy work.

  • Welcome: Arnulfo Manriquez, President & CEO, MAAC & Housing CA Board of Directors
  • Curator: Diane Yentel, Executive Director, National Low-Income Housing Coalition
  • Presenters: Peggy Bailey, Vice President for Housing Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Nan Roman, President & Chief Executive Officer, National Alliance to End Homelessness; Diane Yentel, Executive Director, National Low-Income Housing Coalition

Advancing Narratives of Inclusion: Building the Family Album for the Housing Justice Movement One Family Photograph at a Time with award-winning filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris, Creator of Family Pictures USA

During this plenary, award-winning filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris will speak on how something as ubiquitous as family photographs can create new narratives around notions of justice, equity, inclusion, diversity and belonging in the movement for housing justice. Home is a foundational pillar of family and community. Home often brings to mind images and memories of safety, security, and love that define how we see ourselves and the world at large. While in other cases it can bring to mind images and memories of fear and pain. The presentation will culminate in a virtual Community Photosharing event where a diverse group of special guests will share their photographs and family histories in conversation with Thomas, connecting their personal family photographs with their present work in the Housing Justice Movement. By lifting up our collective stories of Home, expanding our idea of Home to include others, and in situating our view of others in the context of their own Homes, we can offer a new path forward to bridge differences. By doing so, we’ll establish more common ground as we come together as a movement to create homes, health, and prosperity for all.

  • Welcome: Jazmin Posas, Residents United Network Program Associate, Housing California
  • Presenter: Thomas Allen Harris – Host, Director, Executive Producer, Family Pictures USA
  • Special Guests: Fernando Gaytan, Director of Legal Trainings & Professional Development, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles & Housing CA Board of Directors; Lisa Motoyama, Senior Affordable Housing Finance Consultant, Community Economics; Sophia O’Neal Roberts, BAHIP Intern, Eden Housing; Stephanie Ortiz-Villanueva, CCRH Intern, Neighborworks Sacramento; Bill Pickel, CEO, Brilliant Corners & Housing CA Board of Directors; Joyce Roberts, Residents United Network Leader & Housing CA Board of Directors; Alejandro Sanchez, CCRH Intern, Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation

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Kitchen Table Talk: Meet Your Leaders, Move the Affordable Housing and Homelessness Policy Agenda Forward

The pandemic has left every state wrestling with mounting expenses, dwindling state income, and the immediate and dire needs of their residents, especially those experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. Hear from state policy leaders on how the Governor’s Administration and Legislature are responding to a confluence of challenges (COVID-19, renewed focus on racial injustice, and rising homelessness and housing insecurity) and advancing state policies to create a California with homes, health, and prosperity for all.

Kitchen Table Talk 1

  • Curator: Lisa Hershey, Executive Director, Housing California
  • Presenter: Governor Gavin Newsom, State of California

Kitchen Table Talk 2

  • Welcome & Introductions: David Howden, Director – Los Angeles, CSH & Housing CA Board of Directors
  • Curator: Christopher Martin, Policy Director, Housing California
  • Presenters: Assemblymember David Chiu and Senator Scott Wiener
    Brought to you by Gold Sponsor California Municipal Finance Authority

Brought to you by Gold Sponsor California Municipal Finance Authority


Changing Organizational Culture: How to Get Started on Centering Racial Justice in the Housing and Homelessness Field

It is important to continue repeating the urgency around racial equity within our field so that we do not lose focus. Through this interactive workshop, three organizations of differing size and scale will share their journey of advancing racial equity in their daily work. Attendees will come away with the understanding that this work is challenging, but also to think about this with a long-term strategy and to get started on the work. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, share with each other about their own struggles, gain peer support, and learn ideas to advance this work from peers in attendance.

  • Curator: Monica Joe, Racial Equity & Inclusion Program Manager, NPH
  • Presenters: Va Lecia Adams Kellum, President & CEO, St. Joseph Center & Housing CA Board of Directors; Erika Holzhauer, Rural Development Specialist II, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC); Lillian Lew-Hailer, Vice President of Housing Development, MidPen Housing

Power and the People—Intersections of Race, Power & Homelessness: Strategies for Leadership and Wealth Building

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of race as it intersects with power and homelessness and brainstorm how they can support leadership and wealth-building among people and communities of color. Contextual concepts to be covered: legacy of racism in America, the complex trauma of oppression, culturally specific approach. There is an experiential portion of the session which will include time for participant reflection via journaling.

  • Curator: Saba Mwine, Senior Program Manager, The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)
  • Presenters: Va Lecia Adams Kellum, Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Center & Housing CA Board of Directors; LaRae Cantley, Speak Up! Advocate, CSH; Rhiannon Diaz, Speak Up! Advocate, CSH; Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Los Angeles & Housing CA Board of Directors

Shifting the Housing Narrative: Turning Research into Action!

As our affordable housing movement builds momentum and grows power, we have a unique moment in time to capitalize on our issue growing to top of mind and top of conversation. What can we do to transform the narrative on housing justice and grow public support and political will for solutions? Building from the keynote plenary, this workshop contextualizes what narrative shift means for our work, offers California-specific research findings, and explores practical application and opportunities ahead.

  • Curator: Dr. Tiffany Manuel, President & Chief Executive Officer, TheCaseMade
  • Presenters: Kyle Block, Research Manager, Gradient Metrics; Holly Minch, Principal of Lightbox Collaborative

The Role of Lenders & Investors at this Moment in Time

The scale of housing insecurity, lack of affordability, and homelessness in California, exacerbated by the economic fall-out from COVID-19, calls for bold, innovative solutions. Moreover, the affordable housing sector faces new financial uncertainties. This workshop brings together leaders in affordable housing finance for a frank discussion on how the lender and investor community can work together to meet the scale and urgency of these unprecedented challenges so that every Californian has a safe, stable, and affordable home.

  • Welcome: Ray Pearl, Executive Director, California Housing Consortium
  • Curator: Laura Archuleta, President/CEO, Jamboree Housing
  • Presenters: Cécile Chalifour, West Division Manager, Community Development Banking, Chase; Lisa Gutierrez, Senior Vice President, Director of Debt Originations, West Region, US Bancorp Community Development Corporation, U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation; Elizabeth Van Benschoten, Managing Director, Northern California Market Manager, Community Development Finance, Union Bank, N.A.

Brought to you by Gold Sponsor U.S. Bank

Housing & Homelessness Policy Hot Topics – Looking Back at 2020 and Forward to 2021

Interact directly with affordable housing and homelessness policy experts and get an inside look at the policy themes dominating the State Capitol in 2020 and what is to come in 2021. Glean insights from key staff who advise legislative leaders, hear the latest on affordable housing and homelessness-related bills sponsored by Housing California and partners, and get all your questions answered from those working in the Capitol.

  • Curator: Chris Martin, Legislative Advocate – Homelessness, Housing California
  • Presenters: Brian Augusta, Legislative Advocate, CRLA Foundation; Tomiquia Moss, Founder & Chief Executive, All Home; Marina Wiant, VP of Government Affairs, California Housing Consortium

Health & Housing: Meet our Current Moment through Multisector Innovation, Transformation, and Chutzpah

During this workshop public health, healthcare, and housing experts will (1) Make the case for catalytic partnerships between the health, housing, and community development sectors: to increase equity-focused public and private investment in neighborhoods; accelerate community health impact; improve outcomes measurement; and expand policy responses (2) Lift up real-life examples of commitment to and investment in evidence-based affordable housing and homelessness solutions; and (3) Introduce the innovative California Housing Stability Benefit: moving toward simplicity, scale, and equity to ensure that every household in California has the financial support to get off the street or maintain the housing that they have.

  • Curator: Rachelle Reyes Wenger, System Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy Engagement, CommonSpirit Health & Housing CA Board of Directors
  • Conversationalists: Bechara Choucair, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Health Officer, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Hospitals; Douglas Jutte, MD, MPH, Executive Director, Build Healthy Places Network; Marc Trotz, MPA, Consultant

Why Developers Should RUN to Organize Their Residents: Building Power for Affordable Housing, Even in a Pandemic

Nonprofit affordable housing developers, leaders, and residents will discuss why they participate in Housing CA’s Residents United Network (RUN) – and how to organize residents to win statewide progress in the era of COVID-19.

  • Curator: Tori Truscheit, Organizing Director, Housing California
  • Presenters: Alexandra Alvarado, Community Organizing Manager, Mutual Housing; Gloria Bruce, Executive Director, East Bay Housing Organizations; Tom Collishaw, President and CEO; Self-Help Enterprises & Housing CA Board of Directors; Maria Hernandez, RUN leader

Learning Labs

Translating Housing Narrative Research Into Powerful Grassroots Messaging

In early 2020, Community Change, PolicyLink and Race Forward Public collaborated on opinion research that reveals that the majority of US residents want to talk about housing solutions that address racial disparities and increase access to homes for all. This Learning Lab will highlight the key findings of the Housing Justice Narrative research, introduce tools for using the research and staying on message, and provide opportunities for practice using the messaging and narrative tools in policy advocacy initiatives.

  • Presenter: Michael Anderson, Director, Community Change; Tracey Ross, Director – Federal Policy and Narrative Change, PolicyLink

Confronting Discrimination: California’s Newest Fair Housing Regulations

As the Trump administration continues its assault on civil rights and tries to gut the federal Fair Housing Act, California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing finalized groundbreaking new rules providing clear guidance to tenants, landlords, and government actors on housing discrimination. The regulations provide detailed guidance on how anti-discrimination laws apply in everyday situations, including cities’ land use decisions and landlord tenant disputes. They also explain how and when housing providers can consider criminal history information in a nondiscriminatory manner. In addition, the regulations provide guidance on land use discrimination, reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities and assistance animals. Attendees will learn about the new fair housing regulations, how they contrast with reduced protections under federal rules, and how they will impact many aspects of housing policy in our communities.

  • Curator: Madeline Howard, Senior Attorney, Western Center on Law & Poverty
  • Presenters: Ugochi Anaebere-Nicholson, Directing Attorney, Public Law Center; Scott Chang, Director of Litigation, Housing Rights Center; Marie Claire Tran Leung, Senior Attorney, Shriver Center on Poverty Law

Service Providers and Developers in the Trenches: Adjusting to the Dual Pandemic Reality

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, affordable housing developers and resident service providers are adjusting to engaging community members at a distance, and property managers have become front-line essential workers. With the backdrop of the pandemic afflicting Black and Latinx communities more severely and the growing momentum to overcome systemic racism, how can affordable housing developers and service providers do our work in a physically safe while inclusive and equitable way? The first half of this learning lab will include presentations on how affordable housing developers, property managers, and services providers have been adapting. In the second half, participants will choose an interactive breakout room for a deeper dive into one of these topics: community engagement, property management, resident supportive services, and remote work and culture. With time for questions and answers and sharing out at the end, participants can leave this learning lab with ideas to bring back to their organizations.

  • Curators: Va Lecia Adams Kellum, President & CEO, St. Joseph Center & Housing CA Board of Directors
  • Presenters: Marcia Contreras, Deputy Executive Director, Mission Housing; Wes Daniel, Senior Vice President of Affordable Housing, ConAm Management Corporation; Breann Gala, Director of Community Development, Resources for Community Development; Alicia Klein, Associate Director of Real Estate Development, Resources for Community Development; Nicole Theus, Director of People Operations, Resources for Community Development; Martin Ugarte, Associate Director of Resident Services, Mission Housing; Jennifer Wood, VP for Bay Area Region, The John Stewart Company

Acquisition-Rehab: How to Pursue a Strategy to Protect Homes and Prevent Displacement

The preservation of occupied properties that are affordable without subsidy (often referred to as “NOAH”) is an exciting place-based strategy that can help fight racialized displacement, convert investment properties to permanently affordable housing, and build community power. The need for this approach has become even more critical in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has intensified housing instability for millions of California renters. Yet in many ways, this form of preservation falls outside the comfort zone of the affordable housing industry and many of the actors involved – public sector staff, affordable housing developers and community land trusts, tenant advocates, lenders, investors, and residents themselves. Making it work requires developing and elevating new programs, policies, models of collaboration, and financing strategies. This learning lab will provide participants with an overview of this strategy and examples of what it has looked like in different parts of the state, as well as three breakout sessions led by experts in the field that dive deeper into specific topics: Collaboration and Partnership, Policy Deep Dive: Right of First Offer and First Refusal, and Financing Strategies for Occupied Acquisition-Rehab”.

  • Curator: Justine Marcus, State and Local Policy Director, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Presenters: Carroll Fife – Director, Oakland-San Francisco ACCE; Danielle Mazzella, Preservation and Data Manager, California Housing Partnership; Oscar Monge, Community Development Director, TRUST LA; James Yelen, Program Director for Preservation, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Facilitators: Emily Busch, Senior Project Manager, Housing Acquisition Fund, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation; Leslie Gordon, Program Manager for Equitable Development, Urban Habitat; Ruby Harris, Co-Director of Lending, Community Vision; Fernando Marti, Co-Director, Council of Community Housing Organizations; Sandra McNeil, Principal, Sandra McNeill Consulting; Seema Rupani, Staff Attorney, East Bay Community Law Center

Disability Inclusive Housing: Creating a Better Future for All

People with disabilities are disproportionately impacted by the housing crisis, yet rarely are disabled people at the table co-creating policy and practice solutions. COVID-19 has shed light on the deep wisdom of people with disabilities and has laid bare the broken systems including in housing that are harming so many, particularly Black and Brown people with disabilities. Now is the time where we – people with and without disabilities – must come together to envision and co-create affordable, accessible and inclusive communities. During the learning lab, you will hear directly from disabled leaders, connect with one another in small groups to explore opportunities to expand inclusion and equity in your own work, and then we will close with on-the-ground examples of how these ideas can be put into practice. We hope you can join us in this gathering to reimagine what our communities can be when we center inclusion and equity.

  • Curator: Allie Cannington, Manager, The Kelsey
  • Presenters: Caroline Bas, COO, The Kelsey; Elizabeth Grigsby, Rights Advocate, Golden Gate Regional Center; Erick Mikiten AIA, Mikiten Architecture; Rochelle Mills, President & CEO, Innovative Housing; Sydney Pickern, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF); Jan Stokely, Executive Director, Housing Choices; Dolores Tejada, Lead Organizer, East Bay Housing Organizations

Impact of the Presidential Elections on Federal Housing Policy

DC-based housing experts will host a conversation on how federal housing funding and policy are being affected by the elections. We will discuss the outlook for key federal housing legislation including LIHTC, funding levels for key federal housing programs (including voucher renewals), the future of Fannie and Freddie, the National Housing Trust and Capital Magnet Funds, CRA regulatory reform, HUD policies attacking immigrants and other vulnerable populations, and priorities & opportunities for California advocacy.

  • Moderator: Matt Schwartz, President & CEO, California Housing Partnership
  • Panelists: Peter Lawrence, Director of Public Policy & Government Relations, Novogradac & Co.; Sarah Brundage, Senior Director of Public Policy, Enterprise Community Partners; Sarah Saadian, Vice President of Public Policy, National Low-Income Housing Coalition