2021 Session Recordings

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Welcome & Racial Reconciliation, Healing, and Transformation + Opening Keynote and Kitchen Table Talk: The Sum of Us – Getting Beyond the Zero-Sum Game

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Welcome Speakers: Elizabeth Elliott, Executive Director, Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority; Chione Lucina Muñoz Flegal, Managing Director, PolicyLink; Lisa Hershey, Executive Director, Housing California

Opening Keynote Brought to you by Chase
Sponsor introduction by Cécile Chalifour, Managing Director, Community Development Banking, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Opening Keynote Description: Join us first for a provocative keynote with Heather McGhee, who will explore how racism and the “zero-sum game” divides and devastates us, and how, with the “solidarity dividend and sum of us frame,” we can shape a different narrative and chart a path forward together—to create a just and equitable future for all. Following the keynote remarks, Heather will sit down for a rich conversation with Dr. Tiffany Manuel (“Dr. T”), President and CEO of TheCaseMade, to explore how this research-informed “sum of us” narrative will help chart California’s path forward via the Roadmap Home 2030 to achieve our California with homes, health and wealth for all in thriving, sustainable communities.

Opening Keynote Speakers: Heather McGhee, author, New York Times best seller The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together; with Dr. Tiffany A. Manuel, President and CEO, TheCaseMade

Closing Keynote & Kitchen Table Talk: Reimagining a Radically Inclusive Economy

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Please note — Closing Keynote: Healing and Transformation can be located in this recording at minute 1:02:45

Brought to you by Union Bank
Sponsor introduction by Elizabeth Van Benschoten, Managing Director, Coummunity Development Finance, Union Bank

Closing Ceremony with Brisa Huertero Yepez, California Coalition for Rural Housing Intern, Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority

Description: Join us to explore how can we reimagine a society that is truly built upon principles of justice and equity. Incremental change alone will not deliver true inclusion. This session will explore how we can hold and work toward a vision of a radically reimagined future and challenge ourselves to dream big and lay the groundwork for transformative systems changes essential to reaching our California vision of homes, health and wealth for all in thriving, sustainable communities.

Speakers: Michael Tubbs, former Mayor of Stockton and Special Advisor to Governor Newsom; with Chris Hoene, Executive Director, California Budget and Policy Center


Advancing Bold Solutions at Scale: California’s Roadmap Home 2030

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Introduction by Matt Schwartz, President and CEO, California Housing Partnership

Description: California’s Roadmap Home 2030, developed jointly by Housing California and California Housing Partnership in collaboration with dozens of experts across the state, demonstrates how, using an evidence-based, equity-centered, and comprehensive approach, we can advance racial justice and economic inclusion, end homelessness, and create stable, affordable homes for Californians struggling the most. Drawing on the expertise of leading voices in homelessness, affordable housing, tenants’ rights, and racial justice, this session will explore what it means to implement solutions at scale and how we can build a statewide movement to hold our state leaders accountable for doing just that.

Moderator: Chione Lucina Muñoz Flegal, Managing Director, PolicyLink

Speakers: Zella Knight, Leader, Residents United Network; Robin Hughes, President and Chief Executive Officer, Abode Communities; Dr. Margot Kushel, Director of the UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative; Tomiquia Moss, Founder and Chief Executive, All Home

Meet Your Leaders in the Legislature, Move the Affordable Housing and Homelessness Policy Agenda Forward

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Brought to you by Wells Fargo
Sponsor introduction by Eileen Fitzgerald, Head of Housing Affordability Philanthropy, Wells Fargo

Description: We will hear from two leading state affordable housing and homelessness policy leaders, who chair their respective housing committees in the Legislature. Assemblymember David Chiu and Senator Scott Wiener will share how they and their colleagues are advancing state policies to create a California with homes, health, and wealth for all amidst opportunities like this year’s $75 billion budget surplus and ongoing challenges, including the pandemic, a renewed focus on racial injustice, and rising homelessness and housing insecurity.

Moderator: Hannah Wiley, Political Reporter, The Sacramento Bee and Chris Martin, Policy Director, Housing California

Speakers: Assemblymember David Chiu; Senator Scott Wiener

Meet Your Leaders in the Administration, Move the Affordable Housing and Homelessness Policy Agenda Forward

Video with ASL available on request

Brought to you by Facebook
Sponsor introduction by Mona Pasquil Rogers

Description: This powerful session brings together three leading voices in our state government for affordable housing, homelessness, and health policies and investments. State Controller Betty Yee; Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Secretary Lourdes Castro Ramírez; and Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly will share their unique insights into what’s new and next and how to create more equitable, people-centered, race forward policy outcomes today and into the future.

Moderator: Mona Pasquil Rogers, Head of California Public Policy, Facebook; Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, LISC Los Angeles

Speakers: Betty T. Yee, California State Controller; Lourdes Castro Ramírez, Secretary of the California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency; Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency


Achieving Equitable Housing and Homelessness Policy in DC: From COVID-19 to Long-Term Solutions

Description: How do we address urgent housing needs during the pandemic, while leveraging this moment to achieve long-term solutions and anti-racist policies to end homelessness and housing insecurity in the U.S.? While local and state governments distribute COVID-19 relief, Congress is focused on enacting an economic recovery package that could provide billions of dollars in housing investments. Leaders will discuss priorities to ensure relief funds reach those with the greatest needs, and opportunities to achieve large-scale housing investments and greater racial equity so that everyone has an affordable, accessible home.

Moderator: Diane Yentel, President and CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Speakers: Nan Roman, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Alliance to End Homelessness; Peggy Bailey, Senior Advisor on Rental Assistance, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Richard Cho, Senior Advisor for Housing and Services, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Power of Building a Unifying Housing Narrative

Description: Although we know many of the policies and programs that can help create a more equitable, sustainable housing system, building public will is one of the biggest hurdles facing advocates and organizations. We have an opportunity in front of us to unite around a shared voice and narrative around housing, so that everyone understands the role they can play. This session will explore the power and impact of building a unifying narrative within the housing affordability space.

Moderator: Ruby Bolaria Shifrin, Director of Housing Affordability, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Speakers: Dr. Tiffany Manuel, President and CEO, TheCaseMade; Tommy Newman, Senior Director of Impact Initiatives, United Way of Greater LA; Alina Harway, Communications Director, Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California; Daphine Lamb-Perrilliat, Residents United Network Leader, EBHO

Housing as Wealth: Ownership, Reparations, and Housing Justice

Description: This session will explore the impact of racism on intergenerational wealth-building through home ownership, current reparations initiatives, and how we repair the broken housing system.

Moderator: Lisa Motoyama, Senior Affordable Housing Finance Consultant, Community Economics

Speakers: Sara Flax, Housing and Grants Manager, City of Evanston; Theodore Miller, Esq., Co-Principal, Equity & Results; Fanny Guzman Ortiz, Co-founder and Co-Chair, Fideicomiso Comunitario Tierra Libre (FCTL)

Housing and Homelessness Hot Topics in the State Capitol

Description: Interact directly with affordable housing and homelessness policy experts and get an inside look at the policy themes dominating the State Capitol in 2021 and what is to come in 2022. Hear the latest on affordable housing and homelessness-related bills sponsored by Housing California and partners, and get all your questions answered from those working in the Capitol.

Moderator: Chris Martin, Policy Director, Housing California

Speakers: Cynthia Castillo, Policy Advocate, Western Center on Law and Poverty; Mark Stivers, Director of Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy, California Housing Partnership; Francisco Dueñas, Executive Director, Housing NOW!

Tenant-Led Housing Justice Movements: Where Are We in 2021?

Moderator: Robert Villagomez, Statewide Organizer, Housing California

Speakers: Nina Jorgensen, Leader, Residents United Network; Patricia Mendoza, Tenant Leader, ACCE San Diego; Rene AlexZander, Tenant Leader, Hillside Villa Tenant Association and Chinatown Community for Equitable Development

Housing and Health Partnerships: Connecting the Dots

Description: Addressing the health-related needs of people experiencing homelessness is crucial to achieve stable housing. Stable housing can ensure people access appropriate health services and avoid unnecessary hospital/ER admissions. Cross-sector coordination, including data sharing, between health and homeless systems can improve outcomes, reduce inefficiencies, and avoid unintended harm. Panelists represent California communities collaborating across health care and housing to better serve the most vulnerable in their communities. They will share the barriers they have overcome to successfully coordinate and highlight best practices resulting from these collaborations.

Moderator: Julie Silas, Directing Attorney, Homebase

Speakers: Michelle Schneidermann, Director of the Advancing People-Centered Care team, California Health Care Foundation; Cristi Iannuzzi, Director of Strategy & Implementation – Data Exchange Unit, Alameda County Care Connect, a Whole Person Care Pilot and Alameda County Health Care Services Agency; Tina Rivera, Interim Director, Sonoma County Department of Health Services; Kris Kuntz, Chief Policy Officer, Regional Task Force on the Homeless, San Diego County

HCD Office Hours: AB 434 and Beyond

Video with ASL available on request

Description: Learn about the improvements implemented and how we’re making it easier to apply for funding from our multifamily housing programs.

Speakers: Sasha Hauswald, Branch Chief, Program Design and Implementation; Jennifer Seeger, Deputy Director of Division of State Financial Assistance; Laura Bateman, Section Chief, Program Design and Implementation; Nur Kausar, Housing Policy Manager

Act Now and Finance the Future: Lenders and Investors Fueling the Ride on the Roadmap Home

Description: The scale of housing insecurity, lack of affordability, and homelessness in California, exacerbated by the economic fall-out from COVID-19, calls for bold, innovative solutions. There are major federal and state proposals being developed that would significantly increase the resources available for multifamily affordable housing in California, placing unprecedented challenges and demands on the private financing sector. This workshop brings together leaders in affordable housing finance for a frank discussion not only on current investment and lending market but also on how the lender and investor community can work together to advance the Goals of the Roadmap Home and meet the scale and urgency of these unprecedented challenges, so that every Californian has a safe, stable, and affordable home.

Moderator: Mengxin Zhou, Senior Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership; Zohreh Khodabandelu, Senior Affordable Housing Finance Consultant, Community Economics, Inc.

Speakers: Lisa Gutierrez, Senior Vice President, U.S. Bancorp CDC, US Bank; Cécile Chalifour, Managing Director, Community Development Banking, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Norma Dominguez, Director, Community Lending & Investment, Wells Fargo Corporate & Investment Banking; Javier Guzman, Vice President, Relationship Manager, Community Development Finance, MUFG Union Bank

Scaling Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Sustainable Housing and Homelessness Solutions

Description: It’s no secret that our housing system upholds the status quo of racial and economic segregation. Decades of racist, inequitable policies, high rents and stagnant wages, and the lack of affordable housing have only been exacerbated by COVID-19. Public-private partnerships are one critical way to encourage innovation, collaboration, and creativity in solving the housing and homelessness crisis — all while centering racial and economic equity. This panel will explore how cross-sector partnerships play a critical role in solving the housing affordability and homelessness crisis.

Moderator: Ruby Bolaria Shifrin, Director of Housing Affordability, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Speakers: Sam Liccardo, Mayor, San Jose; Seyron Foo, Senior Advocacy Officer, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation; Emily Bradley, Director of Strategic Investments, United Way of Greater LA; Cindy Wu, Executive Director, LISC Bay Area

Decriminalizing Poverty and Advancing Housing Justice

Description: Join advocates and impacted experts for a discussion about how the criminalization of poverty and the carceral system exacerbate housing inequity, and how we can reimagine our approach to public safety and criminal justice.

Moderator: Brandon Greene, Director, Racial and Economic Justice Program, ACLU Foundation of Northern California

Speakers: Vonya Quarles, Executive Director, Starting Over; Ken Oliver, Director of Business Development, CROP; Aundrea Brown, Assistant Public Defender, Alameda County Public Defender

Learning Labs

Homelessness 101: Get the Facts

Speakers: Christina Miller, Senior Policy Fellow for California State Policy, National Alliance to End Homelessness; Mindy Mitchell, Senior Technical Assistance Specialist, National Alliance to End Homelessness

Low Income Housing Tax Credit FUNdamentals

Description: The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit remains the most important, yet one of the most complex, financing tools for the creation and preservation of affordable developments in California. This Institute combines lessons from Financial Consultants and presentations from TCAC staff to introduce the nuts and bolts of the tax credit program. Both advanced students as well as beginners will benefit from this interactive session!

Speakers: Claire Parisa, Associate Director of Consulting Supervision – Northern California, California Housing Partnership; Anthony Zeto, Deputy Director, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee; Lauren Maddock, Director of Portfolio Recapitalization, California Housing Partnership; Monjia Belizaire, Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership

A 21st Century New Deal? The Latest on Federal Affordable Housing and Homelessness Policy

Description: DC-based housing policy experts will discuss the outlook for new federal funding and policy initiatives as shaped by the response to the pandemic and the renewed attention of the needs of Black Americans and other people of color. Topics will include an overview of the housing provisions in the latest COVID-19 response and infrastructure legislation, the FY 2021 and proposed FY 2022 HUD funding levels, LIHTC improvements (including lowering the 50% test), and other California priorities. Attendees will have a chance to pose their own questions and discuss advocacy priorities & opportunities for California.

Speakers:Luke Villalobos, Director of Policy and Research, National Housing Conference; Marguerite Pridgen, Federal Policy Director, CSH; Matt Schwartz, President & CEO, California Housing Partnership; Peter Lawrence, Director, Public Policy & Government Relations, Novogradac

Affordable Housing Finance & Development 101

Description: The groundbreakings and grand openings get all the press and photo-ops, but this Learning Lab shines a light on what happens behind the scenes from before the shovel goes in to after the ribbon gets cut. We’ll introduce you to the people, agencies, and funding programs that turn affordable housing from an idea to a reality, as well as the forces that shape where that housing is sited, how it looks, and whom it houses.

Speakers: Adrienne Gemheart Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership; Ben Creed, Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership; Genise Choy, Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership; Chad Horsford, Senior Housing Finance Consultant

Tax-Exempt Bond FUNdamentals

Description: Tax-exempt bonds are a complex financing tool commonly used by affordable housing developers. Accessing this resource has been made even more complex in 2021 with the shift to a competitive allocation process. This Learning Lab will teach you basic and technical requirements, the “who” and “why” of the many participants on those bond closing calls, the process of obtaining a bond allocation, and the costs of issuance. Advanced students as well as beginners will benefit from this interactive session!

Speakers: Ben Barker, Financial Advisor, California Municipal Finance Authority; Sherin Bennett, Associate Director of Training, California Housing Partnership; William Wilcox, Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership

Weathering the Pandemic: Emergency Rental Assistance and Beyond

Video with ASL available on request

Description: Many households struggled to pay rent and basic expenses this year, and nonprofit housing providers stepped up to connect residents to assistance. Senate Bill 91 provided a boost to these efforts through emergency rental assistance (ERAP) for tenants and landlords. Our session will provide an overview of ERAP and how housing organizations navigated this and other programs to support residents and stabilize properties. Come hear about and share lessons learned about ERAP and other management and service delivery strategies during the pandemic, and discuss what’s next for rental assistance and the expiration of eviction moratoriums.

Speakers: Diana Downton, Senior Affordable Housing Finance Consultant, Community Economics, Inc; Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director, Los Angeles Local Initiatives Support Corporation; Sochiata Vutthy, Director of Asset Management, Community HousingWorks; Scott Carey, Director of Property Operations, Region 3, MidPen Housing

California Legislative Advocacy 101

Video with ASL available on request

Description: To be a successful legislative advocate, it’s important to understand the basics of the California legislative process. This Learning Lab will discuss:

  • How is California Legislature organized?
  • How do we find out which lawmakers represent us in Sacramento?
  • How do we communicate with them effectively?
  • How to find a legislator to author your legislation
  • The value of building coalitions and mobilizing the public
  • The role of the various legislative caucuses
  • How to generate support from the Legislature and the Governor

Speaker: Kristina Bas Hamilton, Principal, KBH Advocacy

Supportive Housing 101: Creating and Sustaining Quality Supportive Housing

Description: This session will provide an overview of supportive housing from the perspective of both program operations and development. Content covered will include information on the components of quality supportive housing; the responsibilities of tenants, supportive service providers, and property managers; and the importance of person-centered program design that’s informed by those with lived expertise. This training will be interactive with opportunities for in-depth discussion and information specific to California.

Speakers: Kate Bitney, Senior Program Manager, Western Region Consulting, Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH); Pamela Marshall, Case Manager and SpeakUp! Advocate; Peter Wang, Senior Program Manager, San Diego, Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)

Refusing the Right of First Refusal: Threats to Year 15 Purchases

Description: At the end of the 15 year tax credit compliance period, when investors have taken their anticipated tax benefits, nonprofits expect to assume ownership through a smooth investor exit and maintain properties as affordable for years to come. Some investors and “aggregators” who purchase investor interests have begun a disturbing trend of refusing to honor Right of First Refusal language in partnership agreements, and demanding large cash payouts. Learn what to look for and how we can protect properties from these unscrupulous actors.

Speakers: David Davenport, Managing Partner, BC Davenport; Dr. Willie Logan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation; Elissa Dennis, Executive Director, Community Economics; Lauren Fechter, Partner, Gubb & Barshay